Automated Employee Analytics

Based on 20 years of research and 100.000+ employee reports. We’ve spent the last 5 years helping over 50 organisations creating sustainable work-life through our state-of-the-art automated employee engagement platform.


Manage all areas of your organisation effectively

Some metrics play an essential role in measuring the pulse of a company, while others are identifying areas of attention through an employee-centric approach. The BASE platform helps determine metrics for a healthier and more effective organisation - simple and easily.

Trends tracking
Organisational health
Triggering focus areas
Performance environment

Effective collaboration

Increase collaboration through co-lab strategies and understand triggers in an organizational context.


Engaging employees

Understanding employees and engaging change through unique and actionable real-time metrics.


Detailed insights

Examine the organisational pulse through real-time employee data and follow-up instantly on issues.


Measure organisational health in real-time

Use real-time data to understand change processes in the organisation and capture issues when they arise instead of up to 6-12 months later. Use data-driven approaches to form initiatives and solve the problems before they escalate.

"We experienced a radical change in our managers' way of working with employees and saw an overall exponential increase in employee satisfaction."

Jan Toftholm
Vice president, Herlev / Gentofte Hospital


Custom reports
Custom reports

Weekly reports with detailed insights about organisational performance

Recommendation engine
Recommendation engine

Get detailed recommendations and initiatives on identified issues


Continuous updated wiki with latest research and community insights

Understand key triggers

Get a full overview of the internal cogs of the organisation and understand key triggers and drivers for performance and employee satisfaction. Analyze behaviours, situations and relations and understand what drives work-life balance and areas of immediate attention - all in one solution.

Getting started

Onboarding process

No matter whether you're a Startup or an Enterprise company, we help you get started with the BASE platform. We provide you with a full onboarding process as well as an e-learning environment for employees and mangers to ensure that no stone are left unturned. Our professional onboarding team will follow you all the way and ensure you get the most out of your automated employee analytics platform


Pricing options for all team sizes


For small teams and startups just getting started.

  • Employee Application
  • Management Dashboard
  • Weekly Reports
  • Knowledge Library



For medium to large organisations with custom implementations.

  • Custom Reports
  • Direct Integrations
  • Customer Support
  • + All From Starter


For organisations that want to work actively with employee engagement.

  • Implementation Team
  • Custom platform setup
  • Customized input and output
  • + All From Previous Tiers

Improve your employee engagement today